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Welcome to my food photography blog. My name is Denisa and I am happy to share here with you two of my passions: photography and cooking. The photography passion I have it since childhood while cooking is rather a new one, since I had the chance to have my own kitchen. Neither photography or cooking is my profession, funny, I work in IT as a project manager.

Most of my food photos are done with natural light, but might be some exceptions considering the challenge I have during the short days with natural light of winters in Belgium.

All the food I photograph is real and eatable. So, no smashed potatoes instead of ice cream or glue instead of sauce. My husband and my daughter are the lucky ones to enjoy my "hero" food, and myself as well. That's why, I called my blog hungryshots, because I am always hungry when I photograph it :-)

Nevertheless, this blog is more about photography than about a recipe index. I create the photos myself , so please respect my work and do not reuse them without my permission. The recipes are not my invention, some of them I know for years, some of them I try from books, other blogs and even youtube. If this is the case, you'll find the source of the recipe in the end of my post.

Food is a matter of tastes and preferences, so if you are a vegetarian ignore the recipes with meet, if you are on a diet, ignore the recipes with sugar and so on.  I needed a place to store my recipes and to link a recipe with a photo. I do not appreciate so much cookbooks without photos because you never know how food looks in the end, so that's the reason why I want to associate an image of the result of each recipe I make. I like quick recipes because I have so little time remaining outside work and I prefer to share it in a nice way, with my family. So, if I can use a robot to do something instead of me, I will, although the manual operation is always an option. I like simple and clear recipes and I do not enjoy reading pages of instructions and making notes afterwards to decipher the meaning. That's why, I made the instructions of my recipes in numbered simple steps.

As of me, I was born in Romania and moved to Belgium some years ago. I love Romanian cuisine especially because I grew up with it but I try also other ones like Asian, Greek,  Italian, French, American etc.

I am a stock photographer as well (although not a very active one lately), so you can find my portfolio here.

As my first passion is photography, my photo blog is here.

Baking bread is another passion that I have discovered while cooking. I have learned a lot in the meantime and I'd like to share my experience with you. You can find some little movies I have done for this on youtube.

I hope you enjoy browsing both photos and recipes of my blog!


HungryShots said...

Dear Angela, as long as you link the photo/post to the original address on my blog, feel free to republish my posts.

Unknown said...

Good evening Denisa,
I introduce myself. My name is Eloïse and i run a website about gastronomy who is called I've seen your website and i find your recipes really great. On my website, we are talking about food tech,food art,food news and we plan to create a category "recipes". That's why, i'm asking you if you eventually were interested if we'll share your recipes on our website adding a link to your website at the end if you want. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Eloïse Villaret

HungryShots said...

Dear Eloïse Villaret,
as I mentioned before, as long as you put the link to my original posts, you are welcome to share the content of my blog. said...

Hi Denisa, I have to say that I absolutely love the way you present your bread. The mises en scène are fantastic. Very classy. Love your YouTube videos...I'm working my way through them. Our last holiday before Lockdown was to Bucharest and feels like years ago! Many thank for all your work. Keep safe, keep baking and all the best. Kind regards Jon (BreadClub20 on Facebook)

Hungry Shots said...

Thank you so much, Jon! I follow also your creations in the Bread Lovers group on Facebook.

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