Rye spelt sourdough bread

Some people like to find a good recipe and stick to it. I also try to find good recipes but I am always tempted to change little things to test other versions as well. The possibility to change your recipes of breads are practically unlimited. Even if you use the exact same quantities there will be always something different in the home baking unless you use a perfectly controlled environment. Days differs as temperature, flours differs from year to year even for the same source. But this is what makes for me bread cooking fun: you know what you are up to but you never know what you'll get exactly.

Country sandwich bread

Being summer, you should expect higher temperatures. During a heat wave, even in Belgium the temperature can reach 20ºC during the night. When this happens, you know that your retarded bread overnight will be ready sooner than expected. It happened to me to let the dough outside overnight and find it back in the morning raised up to the lid. To avoid this, you can put the dough in the fridge. Usually, the fridge keeps a constant temperature of 4º to 8ºC. If not, be prepared to bake your bread earlier the next day.
This was exactly the case with this bread. In the morning I had to quickly cut the dough and shape it. By 11 AM, it was ready for baking.

Spelt sourdough bread with sunflower seeds

Simple breads are not low quality breads. When it comes to bread, simple means easy, not cheap or less tasty. On the contrary, using just one or maximum 2 flour types specialize the taste of the bread. The mixture of spelt with white wheat flour is for sure an old good match that makes your mind travel back through time to the country side.

Cooked in a pan simplifies the bakers process, although without, would look much more interesting.
No matter the shape, the taste is the same, so let's try it.

Lemon tartelettes with meringue

My weakness for lemon tarts is well known. This combination of sour and sweet of the lemon custard simply drives me crazy. If I add another great weakness that I have for meringues it is very hard for me to resist in front of such a tart.

Although this tartelettes requires 3 steps to do them, eating them is like in an instant. It takes a bit of time and work to prepare them but every bite is well deserved.

Poppy seeds muffins

I often enter in fresh fast food restaurants to grab a quick lunch. While queuing to pay my food I watch the deserts exposed strategically just in front of me. They look fantastic, like fresh harvested mushrooms. Many times I wonder how do they make them to look so perfect and so beautiful? Regardless the impressive look and the first impuls to put one on my tray, I pay my food without picking any of them. The reason is evident ... I can do better myself while knowing exactly what's inside.

Mines, they may not look like a "star" but they look pleasantly and decent. Above all, they are homemade with great passion and pleasure. They are exactly the kind of deserts I would give to my children without having second thoughts. I also have the great satisfaction of controlling the amount of sugar inside.

Doing them is another story. Making deserts with my daughter is one of the things I really enjoy. She is so actively involved in measuring correctly the ingredients and mix them all (or one after another) and I do not want to lose these great moments spent together with my daughter. For her is a game, but for me, as an adult, sharing all the tricks and experiences with her is like creating history. I, myself, do remember such moments from my childhood when I was doing cakes with my mother and those moments are kept very dear to me. Now it's my time to create sweet memories for my own daughter.

Therefore, is there a reason for me to buy muffins from a shop?